Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31, 2005

Depression Sets In

CJ not only ignored our praise in her column today, but she ignored our e-mail as well. Sigh... You try to be nice, just once, and look what happens.

Well, there's always SLANDER EDITION FRIDAY to get our revenge. Please help us out and submit your finest here:

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March 30, 2005

Humpday Hotdish Hoedown

By popular request, we will present this special hotdish to you. We have modified it for vegetarians or others who are afraid of handling raw meat.

Slanderous Minneapolis Tater Tot Hotdish

1 bag tater tots
1 sm. can cream of mushroom soup
1 package Boca ground "meat"
1 medium onion
1 can green beans, drained

Brown "beef." Saute' onions over medium heat in separate pan. Mix soup with "beef" and green beans. Pour in a baking pan. Meanwhile, bake tater tots on a cookie sheet.
When both are finished, layer the top of the mixture with the tater tots. Bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes.

Hooray for another day without real content! If you have content for tomorrow, send it here:

March 29, 2005

An Emotional Tuesday

Did anybody else see CJ's appearance on A Current Affair last night? She told the story of a love triangle at Wayzata Country Club, or the "Hamptons of Minnesota," as she quoted. We really want to trash her for this move, but really, we can only feel proud. We were actually moved to send her an e-mail this morning:

SUBJECT: Congrats and Good Tidings

Dear CJ,

We know that we often trash you in our blog, but I'm sure that you don't read us anyway, given that you were quoted as saying that you "don't pay attention to blogs" in the recent issue of "Minneapolis/St Paul Magazine." In this article, you also seemed to imply that our staff has no standards, but we won't knock you for that because you're right. The only standard we adhere to at our publication is that Happy
Hour begins strictly at 3pm. Oh, and that our intern gets at least one walk a week.

However, we are not writing to deepen our one-sided feud; we are writing to congratulate you on your appearance on "A Current Affair" last night. Your presence on syndicated national television has left us proud as Minnesotans and as gossip columnists. Job well done, CJ.


Slanderous Minneapolis

Just so you wouldn't think we were pussies, we still put the horned pic of CJ up.

Remember, tomorrow is our Humpday Hotdish Hoedown. Please submit recipes here: (preferably Tater Tot Hotdish). Thanks.

Monday, March 28, 2005

March 28, 2005

Viva Las Minneapolis

So we're back. We will launch into a vacation recap and analysis of our article in Minneapolis/St Paul Magazine later this week when we have nothing to write about, but we think that this is more important: last night at Rossi's Steakhouse, we sat next to Derrick Coleman at the bar. This means nothing to us, but we assume that he's some sort of retired sports player, because some guy was falling all over him and asking him questions about sports. We'd had two martinis at that point and couldn't spy as well as usual, so could somebody fill us in on who this guy is? Thanks much.


Thanks to a reader for this tip:

He was the #1 draft pick in 1990. He played in college of Syracuse and many NBA teams.