Friday, September 23, 2005

September 23, 2005

Slander Edition Friday

Slander, libel, etc. to follow:

* During Wednesday night's storm, Star Tribune gossip columnist CJ was seen prancing around outside in a Burberry raincoat, stealing small dogs from people's front lawns.

* The entire cast of Northwest Community Television's "Christ for the World Ministries" does not, in fact, believe in Christ. Rather, they choose to worship a more powerful god, known as "meth."

* Vikings' coach Mike Tice is such a douchebag that he actually sleeps with a piece of astro-turf underneath his pillow at night. His wife sleeps with a handgun under hers.

* KARE 11's Julie Nelson was seen at Red Stone groping Kirby Puckett in a bathroom stall. For shame!!


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