Tuesday, September 20, 2005

September 20, 2005

Slander Patrol

Today, we begin a brand new segment called Slander Patrol. A recent MN Speak piece announced that there is a new database of public records called mncriminals.com. Inspired, we have decided to run local news teams through the database to see who's a criminal. Today we present:


Alas, the only "criminal" we could find from the entire news team was Bill Carlson, and we're not even positive about that one. There are three William Carlsons in the database that fit Bill’s perceived age-range. All have been pulled over for DWIs, two of which were arrested for refusing to submit to testing. One of these winners was even arrested for driving without a license and for domestic assault. We’re keeping an eye on you, Bill!

DeRusha, frankly we're surprised. No drug busts? No prostitution rings? Where's your street cred?

We expect to find more dirt with the Fox 9 team...


Anonymous Jason said...

You didn't run my real name, Jason Anderson. I changed it so I wouldn't seem so Minnesotan.


4:19 PM  

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