Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September 13, 2005

Addressing Some Issues

Before starting off another slanderous week, we thought we'd use today's post to address some current issues:

First off, we're normally not the type of blog that feeds off links, but this is too good. Please read what Keillor is putting our blogging brother (MN Speak) through and please show your support for him. Without the right to parody, we would surely die here at Slanderous Minneapolis. We're just glad that we didn't make the following tee shirts as we had orginally planned:

Champp's is for Trampps
Rebecca's Garden Grows Pot
Hard Times Cafe Sells Hard Drugs
Paul Douglas is Gay

Those cease-and-desists can get nasty. Fight it, Rex! We support you!

Also, we don't normally feel the need to respond to comments people leave on here, but this one is beyond ridiculous. We in no way hate Dave Dahl or wish him any harm so Mr. Dahl, you can stop leaving us comments threatening to cut us or kick our asses. We're lovers, not fighters. We seriously wish for nothing more than to cuddle up with Dave in front of the warm glow of a nightly weather forcast. Also, the fake tornado at the State Fair was cool! After seeing the devastating effects that storms can do in the recent aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it was awesome to be able to experience a tornado while eating a Pronto Pup and being able to buy a KSTP water bottle afterwards. Brilliant, Mr. Dahl. Let's be friends again.


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