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January 7, 2004

Reader Rant of the Day

This was sent to us via

While hating on CJ, lets add Robin Roberts to the list. Why?

1. She once ad-libbed a Sir-Mix-A-Lot song (you know the one) on a newscast. I think this was when she was doing the weather, but I don't quite remember because I immediately washed my eyes and ears out with bleach.

And if that isn't enough.

2. (rumor has it) She will chase down and
[hook up with] anything with a uniform (not that this makes her unique in this town)



We cannot turn away from slanderous material in any form, especially if it involves men in uniform. It’s a disease, we know. Speaking of disease, we must go now- the noise of typing seems to be waking up the sailor who’s in our bed.

Have a good weekend and remember to:
a. Spot Jeanette Trompeter!
b. Invent an MLK event!


We had originally thought that this was Robyne Robinson, but thanks to a comment left by a reader, we're now confused. Is there a weathergirl out there with a similiar name? Readers, we need your help: who the fuck is this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robyne -- that's the correct spelling. And it wouldn't be her because she doesn't do weather. Perhaps this Robin Roberts is a WB or UPN backup gal? But at that point, are they really celebrities?

10:51 AM  

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