Tuesday, January 18, 2005

January 18, 2005

Where Have All the Celebrities Gone?

Yes, we know that it's colder than fuck outside, but does that really explain for the lack of celebrity sightings in town? Our Gmail box is as barren as Charlotte York and even CJ just took up an entire column in the Star Tribune to diss her readers' voice mails. We thought that we had a celebrity sighting at the Home Depot last weekend, but after chasing down the guy into the lumber area, we were disappointed to find that it was just a nobody with finely sculpted hair. What's going on here? If the two competing authorities in Minneapolis gossip cannot even spot Fancy Ray, there is a problem. So please readers, do your best to keep a lookout. You are our crow's nest of slander.

In the meantime, since our beloved CJ is having a slow week, why not give her some gossip? Call her with something made up and see if she posts it. That way she goes down for slander and we don't.

(612) 332-TIPS

Here are some ideas:

* Mark Rosen was recently seen leaving the office of Richard Tholen, a doctor who specializes in botox (we'll be calling this one in).

* Jordana Green was recently spotted stealing from the tip jar at Sebastian Joe's in uptown Minneapolis.

* Robyne Robinson sends her crotchless underware to her dry cleaners (oh wait... this one is true).

If you do end up calling anything in, let us know about it here: slanderousminneapolis@gmail.com
We'll post your faux gossip and wait for CJ to take the bait. Man, we love this job.


Blogger pr9000 (paul) said...

"Mike Tice and Randy Moss were seen canoodling in a corner booth at Kincaid's, near Winter Park, last night."

How was that?

8:45 AM  
Blogger Buck said...

Fancy Ray doesn't live in Minneapolis anymore. He moved to LA.
I did hear that CJ was a post-op. Has anyone else heard this?

12:38 PM  

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