Friday, January 14, 2005

January 14, 2005

Celebrity Sighting of the Day

sent to us by our *new* intern via

Seen: at Wolves game vs. LA Lakers Monday night.
Former Gov. Jesse Ventura complete with new Hasidic Jew/pro wrestler facial hair and his son Tyrell. Big J sat twitching throughout. More important: Tyrell sat in a black suit and black shirt with his hair slicked back and dark Ray Bans or Oakleys or Wayfarers (some sort of white trash sunglasses). Either the Target Center is wicked bright, Tyrell has glaucoma, or Tyrell is actually Tom Cruise circa 87.

Well done! An excellent celebrity sighting with an excellent dose of wit. We're so proud of our new intern. And to think that we're paying him in Rye Crisps!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Jesse also wearing a dirty orange painter's cap? Between that, the pirate beard (YARR), and the faded, wrinkled black polo he had on (collar down, sadly), I thought maybe the Wolves had started dragging in derelicts off the street to fill the front row seats.

Apropos of nothing: Fred Hoiberg is HAWT. When is he going to start posing in his underwear like Wally?

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