Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January 12, 2005

Sighting of the Day

Here is a month-old celebrity sighting, brought to us via: slanderousminneapolis@gmail.com

A delayed celebrity sighting ... Dec. 22, Kinko's in Chanhassen. A very busy Paul Douglas, coming in to get his Christmas cards. He parked (what i think was) his Ferrari across three spaces out front. Seemed very busy, very preoccupied, and insulted the place I work -- a very large retailer whose HQ is right across from his studio. Says our buildings mess up the windflow or something like
that downtown.

A Ferrari?!? How 80's noveau-riche. We will always have a strong dislike for Paul Douglas based soley on his over-usage of the word "juicy" to describe humid weather during a brief period in the late 90's (we are not making this up). And in case you're wondering, yes, we hold grudges for stupid things. At least we don't drive a fucking Ferrari.

Hatin' on CJ

And you guys get upset that we consider the Watson’s slut a celebrity. CJ considers former KARE 11 anchor Paul Magers to be a legend. An excerpt:

“KARE-11 news director Tom Lindner is hoping to get promo footage of his new main guy, Frank Vascellaro, with the network's new main guy, Brian Williams, when the latter comes to town.

Williams will do the "NBC Nightly News" from St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater on Thursday.

Because both replaced legends -- Paul Magers and Tom Brokaw, respectively --Vascellaro and Williams probably would have a lot to talk about. "Exactly," Lindner said. "I imagine they might have an interesting discussion. The network has asked us over the last year, 'How'd you guys replace a major anchor like Magers?' because obviously they are going through that."

Yes, we’re sure that NBC is calling up KARE 11 to get advice on how to replace legendary anchors. Next we’ll have the United Nations calling Channel 9 to ask how they ever got over their loss of Brian Z or George Bush calling Menard’s to ask how they are coping with the Menard’s guy’s retirement (actually, this one doesn’t seem that far off…).


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