Friday, December 31, 2004

Decmber 31, 2004

We will bid goodbye to 2004 with our special

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My friend works at an eatery downtown and claims that Mark Rosen is the worst tipper ever. We're talkin' like 1%. What an asshole.

Saw Mike Tice (Ed. Note: "Ticey" to us) at Knollwood Mall last weekend checking out the deals at the new TJ Maxx with a wife-type-figure. Get this: he was wearing a Starter jacket. Didn't know the 90's were still hitting that hard.

I saw Kent Hrbek buying fishing equipment at Gander Mountain. He was wearing a faded denim shirt and very 80's looking jeans. Where did all his money go? I should also mention that he's fat.

I was at Super America on Sunday afternoon and I saw Eric Perkins purchase 15 Red Bulls and a bag of Doritos. That guy has wayyyy too much energy as it is without carbifying with gas station delights.

We know that this next one isn't sports-related, but we're just so darn excited about it.

Garrison Keillor was standing in line in front of me at the Selby-Dale Mississippi Market on this past weekend. He seemed very uncomfortable- he stopped at one point to pick something up off the ground, but it may have just been his enormously droopy ass. (Seriously, to the point where it was creepy to be near.)

Thanks for submitting! Keep your eyes peeled for hott celebrity action tonight (seeing Ryan Seacrest on tv does NOT count) and check back on Monday for more of the good stuff. Seriously. We're like gossip-flavored crack.


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