Thursday, December 30, 2004

December 30, 2004


As a special present to all of you, we are compiling a SPECIAL EDITION SPORTS FRIDAY! We have a couple tips already, but have ignored them thus far, seeing that none of us here at Slanderous care about sports. But, with our homosexual genes came a love of gossip, so now we welcome it in all forms. Please send us some more sports tips. Honestly, we don’t care if a sighting happened a month ago or an hour ago; FILL US IN! Did you see Kirby Puckett molesting someone at Red Stone? Did Kirby Puckett molest you at Red Stone? Did Randy Moss throw up on your Zubaz? Did our beloved Vikings coach Ticey yell at you?

Also, we take back what we said yesterday about giving the Minneapolis Confidential guy credit. Upon closer review, his site is boring and he is most likely a hippie. The only thing we hate more than hippies is Skipper’s restaurant in Brooklyn Center, whose popcorn shrimp gave us diarrhea in 1987. Thank god they’ve been closed for fifteen years.

What were we talking about again?


Blogger Lola said...

Don't forget Al Reynolds aka Mr. Star Jones.

I was so happy to see such a great site. Which Starbucks can I catch you in? I work in the IDS so I will be eyeing the staff ever so closely on my next skim, SFV,XFoamy Latte run.

Also, I recently heard that scouts are checking out locations in Northern Minnesota for a movie starring the ever-so-fabulous Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand. Could make for some nice gossip (should they make their way down to the city, natch!).


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