Wednesday, December 29, 2004

December 29, 2004

A New York site cares about little ol’ us. Next thing you know, my mom’s chow mein hotdish will be on the menu at Nobu and white Keds will make it on the runway during Fashion Week. Thank you, Gawker. We love you too! We have baked a lefse in your honor (though we’ll most likely eat it ourselves in a marijuana-induced binge-fest later on tonight... sorry).

Blog Orgy

So, with our new celebrity status (we are still blushing), we have to give some obligatory shout-outs:

* This dude is from Mpls and training to overcome Minnesotan obesity and run a California marathon. Amen, brother. We'll be around making mozzy sticks in our Fry Daddy Jr. when you're ready to come back to the dark side: [Longest Mile]

* In case you get sick of reading about news anchors’ outfits and bitchy attitudes, check out this substance-based Mpls blog. It’s not nearly as fun as ours, but we give the guy credit: [Mpls Confidential]

Also, it was brought to our attention that some of our old media links don't work. Public service message: meth and coding don't mix. They should be fixed now, but let us know if things are still fucked up.

As always, comments and hott gossip go here:


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