Tuesday, December 28, 2004

December 28, 2004

Holiday Update
(tips submitted via slanderousminneapolis@gmail.com)

Apparently Julie Nelson goes to my church. Saw her there on Christmas Eve for midnight mass. I have nothing bitchy to add.

Brian Oake (former Rev 105, current TPT voice) was at Rosedale the morning after Xmas, hittin’ the sales with all of us “common people.” Was with an attractive woman who didn’t look quite as much of an aging hipster as him.

Don Shelby at Galyan’s near Ridgedale. Had his daughters in tow and was looking at running shoes.

Jeff Passolt was at my Lifetime Fitness on Sunday. Dude cannot bench press worth shit.

Pat Miles was in my screening of The Life Aquatic on Christmas Day. I thought she was dead?

And now our first angry letter from a reader:

Dear Faggots,
I don’t know who you people are, but you need to get lives. Local celebrities don’t deserve to be called whores or sluts and you people are awful. This site sucks and I hope that somebody sues your ass.

Well, well… We take our first piece of hate mail very seriously and very enthusiastically because this means that we’re finally getting places. We have already thanked this wonderful reader (and told him to go fuck himself) and encourage all of our readers to do the same:


Be sure to tell him that you think Colleen Needles is a whore. He seems to like that.


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