Friday, December 17, 2004

December 17, 2004

No daily updates this week? What’s up with that?!?

Sorry, the Slanderous staff took a company junket to Cancun. In retrospect, this seems irresponsible, given that we've only been in business for about a week. Anyway, it’s hard to focus on Minneapolis gossip when your only concern is where your next margarita is coming from. Yes, like most great gossip sites, we too are alcoholics.

Since we’ve had our morning “orange juice,” we are now prepared to get down to business.


Yes, we know that this site isn’t as fun as the NY or LA-based ones. Yes, it is SO EXCITING to read that other people saw Jude Law at McDonald’s or walked past Kate Hudson in SoHo, but seriously, who needs that when you’ve got Cheech? And you said that Mpls wasn’t cosmopolitan.
[Minnesota Monthly] (pic 16)

What?? Minnesotans are racist?!? But, we’re so darn nice! [Star Tribune]

Okay, this is a somewhat pointless link, but we’re amused by the fact that somebody created a drunken disturbance at an Applebee’s. That is so Chili’s. Some people have no class. [] (first item under "Maplewood" heading)


C'mon. You people are slacking!
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