Monday, December 13, 2004

December 13, 2004

Weekend Update
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Walking to the Triple Rock on Sat. night (12/11) I saw Brian Z from the old Channel 9 “Disney Afternoon.” He was totally going into the Crack Stacks! Does he live there? Apparently he’s not blinging as hard as he used to.

Another Watson’s slut sighting. She was at Copeland’s downtown on Friday, 12/10. Saw her making out with the main guy from the Watson’s commercials. Puke! I thought that he was her uncle or stepdad or something?!? She had a cosmo and he had beer. Why the fuck I was at Copeland’s, I don’t know.

Dave Pirner at the CC Club on Sat. afternoon, drinking alone, dressed in flannel shirt (how “grunge”). Was going to strike up a conversation about missing children, but decided against it.

The chick from the Live Links commercials (okay, so I watch a lot of late night tv) was at Ridgedale on Sunday (12/12). I think I saw her go into Hot Topic? BTW, she is a hot topic herself. Sorry- couldn’t resist.

Colleen Needles is such a whore! Not really- I just wanted to say that. Saw her walking on Nicollet Ave. wearing atrocious Uggs and a green coat. I think she had a Fa-La-Latte from Caribou (she had a Caribou cup, so I’m just assuming it was their most obnoxious drink).


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