Friday, December 10, 2004

December 10, 2004


* WCCO announces that Des Moines, IA’s Jeanette Trompeter will become their newest anchor. You know what that means: start looking for the dirt. Did our dearest Jeanette bitch at you when you made her a latte? Did she throw a drink in your face when you tripped over her Coach bag on the way to the bathroom? Was she seen wearing white shoes after Labor Day? We want to know! Keep your eyes peeled around town and on your contact list. [Star Tribune]

* Hmore Hmong Hnews: Not that we really care, but for the time being, we’re very amused by putting extra H’s in hfront hof hwords. [Pioneer Press]

* Yes, we have IPods, but that doesn't mean that winter is any better. Stop hatin' on us, Mike Mosedale. We have to hear enough horror stories from our grandparents about the "olden days;" we don't need it coming from your bitch-ass. We’ve pieced together enough of history from dvds of Frontier House. [City Pages]

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